Sunday, January 6, 2008

Dog Walking

Lupita was afraid of walking outside on New Year’s day, but we took her out every day after that anyway, and now…

she likes walking!

She even pulls the leash! We could not imagine her doing this 5 days ago. Pulling is okay for now, but we have to train her to heel later.


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Lupita's First Walk

A Happy New Year!

Lupita is ready for a walk outside as she has completed all 3 vaccinations two weeks ago.

Practicing walking with a leash. She is good at it at home.

Today is the day she is going out for her first walk. We assumed she would be happy but…

She sat down and didn't walk.

Scott encouraged her to walk but...

she stayed still and didn’t move.

“Coz I’m scared...”

There was no way to make her move so we decided to carry her back. Look at her uneasy look.
No worries Lupita, take your time! You will love walking soon.