Monday, September 29, 2008

Wild Flowers

I walk Lupita every day. Although it’s still slightly hot and sweaty here in Hong Kong, I can feel the cool breeze bringing a hint of autumn. The wild flowers of the season along the pathway are pleasure to the eye. I love walking this pathway with its senses of the different seasons. The pictures of nuts and flowers below are from a walk this morning.

Bonus Pic
Kona holding Lupita’s leash in her mouth saying “I will take Lupita for a walk!” (Kona is not allowed to go outside until she completes all three vaccinations.)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dogs in the shape of “U”

Lupita and Kona can cooperate and form the shape of “U”.

Kona did a good job. Can you see the “U”?
(Video clip: Click ▸ on the bottom-left corner)


Friday, September 19, 2008

Days with 2 Dogs

It’s been 12 days since Kona came into our home. My puppy blues are getting better as time goes by and I can see more happy things about being with Lupita and Kona.

I forget all about the time when I’m watching them. It’s interesting to see a slight change in their attitudes towards each other from day to day. They are taking their time getting comfortable with each other.

Kona is still vigorous. But Lupita plays with Kona every day. We think the two dogs get along relatively well. Kona seems to fit in well with our family. I hope they get to know each other better and live in harmony.

The dogs looking out the garden window after a rain

Taking a nap together

Dogs in a huddle

Dogs staring into the darkness waiting for Scott to come home.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wild boar

Running into wild cows near our house is happens daily. Although we made a big deal of it when we first moved here, it’s nothing new now.

Anyway, we saw a creature we never saw before in our neighborhood. It was hiding in the weeds on the side of the road.

It was a wild boar!!

It was so big! It scared me! It’s genuine back-country where we live.


Monday, September 15, 2008

Morning Glory 4

Our morning glory produced masses of flowers all summer long but it is out of season now. I picked many seeds.

I planted those seeds to try double cropping because I thought it’s still hot enough to grow morning glory again in this summer.

Few days later a bud appeared. Looking good!

Another few days later true leaves appeared. Good! Keep it up!

I was expecting it to keep growing taller but….

It already had a flower!
This is the shortest morning glory I’ve ever seen.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sweet Doggie Lupita

Our two dogs have quite different characters.

Despite being a mere little puppy, Kona always grabs all of the toys away from Lupita. But Lupita doesn’t fight over the toys—and Kona doesn’t give up the spoils.

Kona! Why don’t you let Lupita keep playing?

Is it natural for a puppy to want everything another dog has?

If I were Lupita, I wouldn’t give my toys away to such a disrespectful newcomer.

But Lupita never gets angry with Kona even when Kona takes everything away. Lupita has a big heart, not like me. Anyhow, I’m not sure what Lupita is thinking. Is she screaming inside or doesn’t she care at all?

This is a scene I saw this morning. Lupita took her favorite toy to Kona and gave it to her as if she was saying “Here you are.” What a sweet doggie!

I GOT A TOY FOR YOU(Click the ▸ on the bottom left corner)


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Day 1

I was observing the two dogs at home all day yesterday. It was fatiguing mentally although I didn’t do that much for them.

Lupita’s good personality made the two of them hit it off together. But I still can’t help but be worried whether they can live in peace together, whether Lupita is stressed out over Kona, and so on. I feel some indefinable anxieties all day and have no appetite. How mentally fragile I am! I feel a strong sense of responsibility for these two little lives.

On day one I already have anxiety over dog-rearing called “puppy blues”!? It’s touching that Lupita treats Kona generously and seems to be receptive to having Kona in her life. It makes me cry.

It’s a comfort to watch them sleeping side by side. I have warm feelings for them.

Lupita and Kona are sleeping in the shape of the Japanese katakana character “ハ”.


Monday, September 8, 2008

A New Family Member

We have a new family member.
Hi, I’m Kona.

Lupita and Kona play together sometimes. It seems that they are okay so far. I’m relieved.
The differences in their personalities are already becoming glaring. Lupita has a gentle, generous and sweet nature. Kona is alpha girl material?! I really hope they get along well.

This is our first experience with owning two dogs. Now we know things don’t turn out as planned.

When we brought Kona into our home, we put her in a dog playpen. Our plan was to keep Kona in the playpen and gradually bring them closer until we are certain they will get along. However, Kona climbed over the pen easily in a minute and showed us how athletic she was!
(Click the ▸ on the bottom-left corner)

As soon as I put her back into the pen, she escaped over and over. Also, one time, her hind leg got caught between the wires and she hung upside down in mid-air and she cried out in pain. After I rescued her, I decided it’s too dangerous to use this pen.

Therefore Lupita and Kona will interact freely and live together.

Although I am still worried about the two dogs, gentle-hearted Lupita soothes my nerves. Thanks Lupita!


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Making Friends

Before we brought together Lupita and the puppy yesterday, I took Lupita to see other dogs every day this week in preparation. Because she doesn’t have enough experience socializing with other dogs.

There are two unleashed dogs that live near our house. They are almost the same size as Lupita but they are only about six month-old puppies. Every day I brought Lupita over to make friends with them.

I hoped Lupita would learn how to communicate with dogs and discover how much fun it is to play with them.

Although Lupita didn’t show any interest on the first day, she gradually got used to the dogs and got more playful every day. That’s a good sign. It was interesting to me to see Lupita developing her positive attitude each day.

The SPCA interview is in an hour. I hope we can take the black puppy home.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Black Puppy

I visited the SPCA again with Scott and Lupita today.

I wanted to see if there was any dog that could get along well with Lupita—whether it be the black puppy I saw last time or some other dogs.

After we met a few dogs one by one, we still liked the black puppy the most.

Lupita was not interested in any of the dogs same as last time when she saw some of the dogs in their cages. Instead, she was trying to please everybody who came to see dogs there. We left the SPCA since we thought Lupita would prefer to be our only dog.

I was left with such an empty feeling. So after walking a while we turned back to SPCA. I just would not take no for an answer.

I just wanted to have one more chance to try to let Lupita and the puppy play together and watch how they interact.

The staff offered to let us use a quiet room upstairs. We let the dogs run free in the room and waited to see how they would do.

While the puppy ran around happily, Lupita was not interested in the puppy. But after a little while, Lupita started paying attention to the puppy running around. Oh-oh, the puppy fawned on Lupita. How did Lupita react?!

You know what? Lupita started playing with the puppy! She got into her “let’s play” pose with her upper body low and her bottom high. They ran around together and looked happy. Lupita didn’t care when the puppy jumped on her face. We felt that it meant something that they could get along so well.

The fact that they played so well together gradually lessened my worry. We felt confident that the two dogs could get along well and decided that we wanted to adopt the puppy into our family.

The SPCA staff observing them agreed with us.

We will have an interview in SPCA tomorrow. If they approve, we will be able to take the puppy home.

I am worried about Lupita’s feelings but will take care of the two dogs and make both of them happy.


Monday, September 1, 2008


Since I saw a dog for adoption flyer on a bulletin board in the sports club last week, I couldn’t get the picture of the dog out of my mind. We are happy to own one dog, Lupita, and hadn’t thought about having one more dog. But the dog’s story and picture appealed to my emotions and made me ask Scott to consider adopting the dog.

Even though we can adopt the dog, we don’t know if Lupita will accept it. Lupita may feel jealous or stressed. It hit-or-miss whether adopting a second dog works well or not. The last thing we want to do is to make Lupita unhappy. What should we do?

There was no sense dwelling on it. In any case, we wanted to see the dog. So Scott called the number on the flyer, but he was told that the dog had just found a home. I was happy for the dog although a bit disappointed. I hope the dog will be happy with her new family.

In the early evening when I went grocery shopping to the town with Lupita, I popped into the SPCA where many dogs are waiting for adoption because I just can't forget about the idea that we would adopt a second dog.

I saw a little black puppy that won my heart. I tried to let Lupita and the puppy play together. Lupita sniffed a bit and then she was not interested in the puppy and ignored it completely. Oh well, it’s better than fighting each other though… Lupita was curious to play with the SPCA staff. It seemed she liked humans more than dogs. Hmm, does Lupita want to remain an only dog…?