Friday, October 31, 2008


Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween today. But I’m having a normal day at home without putting on a costume since I don't normally celebrate Halloween.

The only thing we have done for Halloween is that Scott made a Jack-O-Lantern using the pumpkin that made the two dogs smile the other day.

But since he made it too soon before Halloween (last week), it shriveled and turned moldy by today. Gah!


Monday, October 27, 2008

Boardsports Day

Over the weekend we went surfing to Big Wave Bay on Hong Kong Island for the first time in a long while. It brought back memories as we used to go to BWB often when we lived on Hong Kong Island.

We put the two surfboards on the car and we were ready to go!

Dogs are not allowed on this beach. Signs are here…

…and there.
Okay, okay. So we didn’t bring our dogs.

The temperature was 78.8 F.

The water temperature was 80.6F. The water quality was good.

It was crowded with many surfers.
The waves were difficult for me to catch so I gave up before long, went ashore and lay on the beach.

Dogs are allowed in the café adjacent to the beach.
If I knew I wasn't going to surf much, I would have brought Lupita and had coffee with her in the café instead.

After Scott got out of the water, we moved to a neighboring beach, Shek-O, and had breakfast in the restaurant on the beach.

We went back home and then went skateboarding with Lupita nearby the house in the afternoon.

Although I no longer have the idea of making Lupita a skateboarding dog, I am happy that Lupita will run along beside me on the skateboard.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dog Run

I took Lupita to a dog run this morning. There were some agility facilities such as…

 a tunnel,
 and hurdles.

But Lupita and I didn’t know how to play with them!
There was only one thing Lupita showed interest in.
The dog bridge.
Lupita looked happy on top of the bridge.

No other dogs were there. Nothing distracted Lupita. So I went over “Stay” and “Come” commands with Lupita.


“STAY!”   Don’t move yet.

“STAY!”   Not yet. Stay a little longer. Lupita was sitting still even though I walked so far away she could barely see me.


Lupita running up to me.

Lupita came to me. “Good!”


Friday, October 17, 2008


It’s not easy to take a photo of the two dogs smiling together.

Often one smiles and the other doesn’t smile, or

both of them are expressionless.

But I finally succeeded in taking a photo of them smiling together yesterday.

Big smiles on their faces. (Lupita sitting like a big buddy though.)

What made them smile and
what they are looking at is…

a pumpkin!
I picked up a pumpkin for Halloween. For some reason the two dogs were delighted to see the pumpkin.

The dogs examined the pumpkin.

Kona found what she wants to play with.

It’s interesting to me that not only toys make them happy, but a vegetable can make them happy. Dogs are amusing.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Have a good day! 2

It has become their daily routine.

Every morning when Scott leaves home, Lupita and Kona see him off at the edge of the deck.

After Scott gets out the front door and the door closes, they stare at the door for a while.

“Alas, he is gone…” said Lupita restfully.
Kona said “Don’t be so disappointed. He’ll come back.”


Friday, October 10, 2008


The time for sunbathing without sweating has come. Lupita loves sunbathing like us.

I’ve heard sunbathing is good for dog’s health especially for a puppy’s bone structure development.

The previous apartment we lived in didn’t get much sunshine. Also we walked Lupita between tall buildings in the neighborhood. So Lupita grew up with no chance of basking in the sun until we moved here when she was nine months old.

Now Lupita goes and sunbathes on her own everyday as if she wants to catch up on the sunlight she used to miss. Is it by instinct? Anyhow, she lies down in the sun until her black coat gets hot.

Lupita lying down on the deck,

then curled up,

then stretching one leg,

and then twisting her upper body.

Lupita closing her eyes comfortably in the sun,

and then looking up at the sky's brilliant rays of sun.

In the late afternoon, Lupita enjoying the last sunny spot of the day.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Here are the pictures of our bougainvillea.

Two Weeks Ago
It began to turn pink by ones and twos but still greenish.

It has so many flowers!

The actual flower is the small white part.
The pink part that looks like flower is actually a bract.

A big butterfly visiting for nectar.

Kona following the flying butterfly with great interest.

The butterfly perches on Kona’s tail!?

Bonus Clip
A healing video “A butterfly and a puppy”(click ▸ on the bottom left corner)


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

DAY 31

It has been a whole month since Kona joined our family.

She eats well, sleeps well and plays a lot. We are glad to see her growing up in good health.

Kona was originally a stray puppy and impounded in a facility under Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department. But she luckily escaped being put to sleep, was given a second chance and selected to be transferred to SPCA for re-homing. Then by a turn of fate, she became our family member.

When we met Kona first time she was too thin though she was fed in SPCA.

DAY 1: Poor Kona, so skinny.

DAY 19: Kona has become sturdy beyond recognition.

DAY 30: Kona yesterday morning. Look at her muscular physique! It seems like she has grown up overnight.

We don’t know how big Kona will be since nobody knows her parents. She is growing day by day. Since she has long legs and big paws, she might grow bigger than Lupita?