Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Two and half months ago, Kona weighed about 4 kilograms, which was one fifth of Lupita’s weight. Compared to Lupita, Kona looked so tiny!

Now Kona weighs 12 kilograms. Lupita weighs 20.7 kilograms.
Kona is still a growing puppy. How big will she be?

Today I compared the two dogs’ paws.

Lupita’s paw (left) and Kona’s paw (right)
Oh, Kona’s paw is a bit bigger!?
We have a saying that a child has a large foot will grow tall. But does it apply to dogs?

Kona’s forepaw is big enough to wrap around a 100 yen coin.

I love big dogs that are huggable. I look forward to seeing how big Kona grows.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lupita: A Sympathetic and Loyal Dog

Following the knee surgery, Scott is resting at home so far this week. The two dogs are happy as Scott stays home every day.

Especially Lupita being attached to Scott has been hanging on to Scott. At one stage she nestled close Scott’s wound as if she wished for Scott’s recovery.

Lupita sticking to Scott all day like superglue.

Three of them fell asleep together.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kiss It and Make It Better

Scott is doing well after his knee surgery and was discharged from the hospital. Lupita and Kona, seeing him on crutches, noticed something different about him.

Lupita and Kona kissed Scott's knee to "make it better".

Lupita trying to carry Scott’s injured leg on her back as if she was saying “I can lend you my shoulder”.

Hope he gets better soon!


Friday, November 14, 2008


We got a potted coleus. The cranberry red leaves edged with yellow are perfect for Christmas.

We know the typical Christmas decorative plant is a poinsettia. But they say poinsettia is poisonous for dogs. So we are using a coleus to create a Christmas atmosphere instead.

Coleus belongs to the mint family; the same family as Japanese Shiso. Speaking of Shiso, we grow some in a planter in our backyard that is useful for many dishes. I found it had tiny flowers this morning. So pretty!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Perfect Day for a Walk

It’s a lovely sunny day without a cloud in the sky.

I went for a walk with Lupita and Kona this morning. I thought I would just step out for a short walk. But since it was a perfect day for walking and I felt great, two dogs and I didn’t want to head back so we kept walking further and further.

The two dogs looked much happier in the country park surrounded by nature.

We had a good view of High Island Reservoir.

“We have come a long way, haven’t we?”

Even the air tastes good? Both dogs licked their lips.

Lupita and Kona looking satisfied with the reservoir in the background.

On our way home. We walked toward the mountain.

There are very few cars on the road in the country park on weekdays.

We ended up walking almost 3 hours without meaning to.

It was Kona’s first long walk. She walked in great form the whole way.

The two tired dogs taking a nap after coming home.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Love Walking

After five days of walking training, Kona has improved her leash manners. She has gotten used to the outside world and shows a lively look on her face during her walks.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Guard Dog

Lupita loves people. She used to wag her tail and snuggle up to give a big welcome when strangers like deliverymen or repairmen came to our home. She was always too friendly to everybody so that we used to say she would never be a guard dog.

But since we added Kona to our household, Lupita has changed her behavior and has started to bark at visitors. She aggressively barks at strangers entering our premises as if she is ready to attack. She has become a very reliable guard dog. Barking is okay until I give a “be quiet” command. Once given, she should follow my command and stop barking. But she often doesn’t listen to me once she comes unglued. In that case I have to put the leash on her and give commands that she has already learned such as sit, down and stay to make her be quiet.

Does Lupita attempt to protect Kona from intruders?

We had sent for a house painter this morning. Lupita barked at the painter as was expected. Scott told Lupita “okay, thanks, but this person is not an intruder” and then she stopped threatening the painter.

Lupita sleeping on the couch while the painter was working. She let her guard down after finding out that he was not a suspicious person.


Monday, November 3, 2008

Kona’s First Sight of the Sea

Kona just started going on walks yesterday. Today I tried to walk the two dogs at the same time. Before the walk, I was not sure if the two dogs would stay together.

Lupita and Kona were marching in step. But Lupita, who is fairly well trained on loose leash walking, pulled the leash! Walking with Kona added new excitement to Lupita’s walk and Lupita was distracted.

The two dogs on the path to the sea.

“So this is the sea, Kona.” said Lupita.

Kona’s first sight of the sea.

Kona shouting at the sea like the same old scene from the Japanese school TV serial from the Showa Era!?

The two dogs keeping pace and facing the same direction.

The nearby sea is always glassy as it is in a bay sheltered from the wind. It is also has a rocky beach so I want to take Kona to a sandy beach with waves sometime soon.

When I first walked the two dogs, I thought they would maybe go off in different directions, but I was relieved that they walked straight together. Although we were able to walk together, I think I should first train Kona individually so that she walks properly before I walk with the two dogs together again.


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Kona’s First Walk

Today was the day we took Kona out for the first time since she completed her vaccinations. Since we were busy in during the day, her first walk was at night.

We practiced walking Kona on a leash in our garden first.
Lupita was watching Kona walking awkwardly.

Finally Kona was in the outside world. She looked a bit nervous.

“Lupita! Don’t pester Kona.”

Kona walking without fear. Well done!

I started to train her to heel.

We hope Kona gets used to walking on a leash and learns to heel soon, so that we can take her many different places with Lupita. That will be so much fun!