Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jiku-Sanpo (Transcending Time and Space Walk) Song

The Transcending Time and Space Walk (Jiku-Sanpo in Japanese) was held on May 22nd. Other than Lupikona family, there were seven families that participated throughout Japan and a total of twelve dogs enjoyed the walk.

The group photo taken composed by Sarah☆Lon.

And Mr. Mubec from the blog entitled "We have forgotten what life is like without dogs ♪" wrote a song about the Jiku-Sanpo. Lupikona listened to the song too.

“Lupita and I also appear in the music video. Please check it out.”

【Click ▶ to play】

Whenever we listen to this song, the song will remind us of the good time we had on that day and make us feel good. That is the great thing about music. Thank you very much, Mubec!


Saturday, May 29, 2010


We went to the country park.

There was a fern colony there. For your information, the general name for fern is “kupukupu” in Hawaiian.

Look right and…

look left, wherever we look, all we see are…


Let’s play hide-n-seek in kupukupu.

Lupita, your tail is sticking out!


Friday, May 28, 2010

At Starbucks

“Today Yumi took us out to…

Starbucks! Grin!”

Sitting in a café usually makes Lupikona bored. But for whatever reason, today they seemed to enjoy themselves all the while we were there. I wonder if that’s because I kept talking to the dogs the whole time we were there. Did people think I was crazy?


Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Slightly Elevated Perch

We found this play equipment during our walk.

There was no other play equipment--only this one sitting in the middle of the lawn. It is not a dog park. Is it for kids? Anyhow, there was nobody there, so Lupikona climbed up there.

Are you guys happy up there on your perch?


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Two Year Old Kona

It was Kona’s second birthday yesterday.

“Happy Birthday, Kona!”

Gifts for her birthday were…

rope toys that Kona likes to play with.

“Which one do you want, Kona?”
“I want the penguin!”

Okay, then we’ll give the ducky to Lupita.

“I just turned two years old.”

I think celebrating one’s birthday every year is not a mundane event. It would be very lucky to be able to celebrate one’s birthday every year. I was thankful for celebrating Kona’s birthday with my family, Scott, Lupita and Kona, last night. Happy Happy Birthday, Kona.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dogs on the Beach

Lupikona were looking at the beach from our balcony.

There are some dogs there. Shall we go down to see them?

Kona was sniffing the dog to say hello.

Lupita was watching the dogs from behind Scott.

It’s safe behind Scott!

“Because I’m not very keen on socializing with other dogs.”

Kona was interested in playing with the other dogs, but she just hadn’t seized the moment yet.
Lupita was interested in a stranger’s bag.

Lupita was sniffing the bag.

Lupita finished checking the bag and walked away.
Kona still couldn’t find a playmate.

“Oh! Maybe I’ll ask that corgi to play.”

“Hi, can you play with me?”


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Transcending Time and Space Walk – Team Hong Kong (Part II)

I’ve heard that more participants in various regions have joined the Transcending Time and Space Walk yesterday. I’m glad that the event was a success.

Then now, please check out more about Team Hong Kong…

By the time we got to the settlement basin, the rain had stopped completely.

Yay! Let’s have lunch here!

Lunch menu for Scott and me: fusilli salad with artichoke and tomato, garden salad, Parma ham and cooked ham, Manchego and Brie cheese, baguette, fruit (strawberries, pineapples and oranges), sparkling water, white wine and coffee.

We made our own sandwiches at the table. Except for the fusilli salad which I made, we just ate ready-made food we bought from the supermarket. Even though most of the food was store-bought, it was fun to eat outdoors and we really enjoyed the lunch.

Well, what about Lupikona’s lunch?

This photo was taken in our kitchen at 8 a.m. when I made lunch boxes for Lupikona. The dogs were sniffing it and I knew they were looking forward to eating later after the walk.

Take the lids of their lunch boxes and see what’s inside…

Lupikona’s lunch was four-color-rice.

Dig in!

Chomp, chomp, chomp…

Lupikona ate everything and went to the water’s edge.

It’s time for them to play again.

I made some other things that I brought on our walk. They were…

handmade doggie friends. (From left, Ma-san (who was supposed to be at the top of mountain in Kochi), London and Sarah (who were eating their lunch in Tamagawadai Park in Tokyo at the time))

“Nice to meet you! I’m Kona.”

“I wish the real Sarah was here.”

It doesn’t matter how far apart we are, we walked and picnicked in the same event TOGETHER. That was really fun! Thank you very much!


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Transcending Time and Space Walk – Team Hong Kong (Part I)

We participated in the Transcending Time and Space Walk. We were looking forward to it. The Transcending Time and Space Walk is an event for dog lovers to walk your dogs and eat a picnic simultaneously all over the world with other dog lovers.

In Japan, the Kochi representative was Team Ma-san, and the Kanto representative was Team Sarah-Lon. Lupikona represented Hong Kong.

Team Hong Kong started walking in the rain at 9 a.m. Hong Kong time.

We walked in Tai Lam Country Park. Vehicles are not allowed without permission inside this gate. We can walk safely.

It rained intermittently during the walk. I forgot to bring raincoats, umbrellas or even towels, because I was focused on preparing our lunch box.

Never mind. Let’s walk in the rain.

Actually the rain didn’t bother us that much because we spent most of our time walking under the tree canopy.

Scott and Lupita were looking down at a stream passing under the bridge.

At the country park warden post, we looked at the map to find our actual location.

“We are here!”

We got to an observation point at the halfway mark.

We saw Mainland China in the distance, and a rain cloud overhead.

Behind Kona was the viewing compass at the observation point.

“Which direction is Japan where Ma-san and Sarah-Lon are?”

The rain subsided. I felt more comfortable walking in this wet but cool weather rather than sunny and hot weather.

But then… Wow! It began to rain again!

We were surrounded by fresh air and nature…

so we felt relaxed and happy.

“Kona, Look over there.”

“We are walking to that settlement basin to have lunch.”

One of the reasons we came to hike in the country park was because we wanted to have a picnic! (TBC)