Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Learning to Greet

Last Saturday, I took Lupita to a dog group training session run by Kumako-san.

There were 11 dogs participating. The dog owners worked cooperatively to take something that the dogs are not good at and try to change it.

First of all, we practiced dog greetings.

All of our dogs’ basic information is in their anal glands. A proper dog greeting is to sniff each other’s rear end. It is like a human exchange of name cards. Sniffing face to face is not only rude, but also the chances of causing a fight are high.

Lupita is good at sniffing other dog’s bottoms. But...

she doesn’t like being sniffed. So she sat on her haunches or...

bucked and flounced to avoid being sniffed.

However, after a short time I handed Lupita’s leash to Kumako-san (in green jacket)...

Lupita showed her bottom to the other dog.

Lupita was letting herself be sniffed.

Wow, I want to handle Lupita just as well as Kumako-san did. The one who needs to practice is me!

I got advice from Kumako-san. All other dogs there tried to give Lupita a proper greeting. I practiced having Lupita be sniffed over and over again. Although I didn’t have a clue at first, after practicing...

Lupita and I learned to be able to do that! I was so happy!!