Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Learning to be Touched

During the second half of the session, Lupita had to tackle the most challenging task for her.

Lupita doesn’t like being touched by people other than Scott and me.

If people touch her, she will snap. So we have been preventing people from touching Lupita. However...

when Kumako-san handles Lupita...

Hmm? Lupita didn’t snap even though Kumako-san touched her.

Then we asked the other dog owners to touch Lupita. She was wearing a muzzle.

People came towards her one after another to touch her.

To be honest, I didn’t expect her to stay still. But the saying that fact is stranger than fiction is indeed true.

Pet, pet...

tickle, tickle...

pet, pet, pet.

Surprisingly, she let many people to touch her. She didn’t try to snap at all. This is the first time in 3 and one half years that she has been touched by people like this.

"Well done, Lupita. I’m very proud of you." What Lupita did was very moving for me.

Then, we did other things like passing by each other, walking with different handlers, and so on. It was a fruitful session.

Lupita’s doggie friends, Peace and...

Terry participated too. "I got praised a lot!"

"I put forth my best effort!" Peace smiled with a feeling of accomplishment.

Thank you very much, Kumako-san. You helped Lupita and me a lot. I’m impressed that a dog that has behavioral problems could change that much with appropriate guidance. It would be great if Lupita’s example could be useful for dog owners who have similar problems.